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92 seems more interesting *-*


Legit though. Everyone in ATLA/TLOK is Asian. There is no disputing this. They were not trying to be “racially ambiguous” with Aang or Asami. They were not incorporating only a ‘few’ Asian cultures. Everything everyone is wholly Asian based—and this is not just an outsider’s…


stylized eevees

I’m not learning shit from college but I can name like 50 dog breeds

Face Characters from the Disney Animated Feature Canon

I think it’s really hard for bisexuals because there is the illusion of choice. Because obviously being in a gay relationship isn’t as easy as being in a straight relationship. [x

Cracker is like ye old white trash


power [as in white supremacist power or the perceived sociopolitical ‘power’ of the white ruling elite] was expressed in the word nigger.

there is no known or perceived power expressed in the utterance or use of the word cracker.

no one ever got lynched for being a cracker or whistling at a nigger.

no one.

Cracker was actually made up by rich northern white people to mock poor southern white people. There’s literally nothing racist about being called a cracker.




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